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Challenge the wrongs, don't stop until victory is won.

Never Give Up!!!

Never Give Up

"It took forty years for me to have my parents home with me. If I had given up, they would not be home."

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Mike & Debbie Africa

Born on the MOVE


Born in the struggle

Mike Africa Jr. was born in prison in 1978. His parents were/are members of the Philadelphia based organization known as MOVE. In 1978 they were unjustly imprisoned for the murder of a Philadelphia policeman. Their three year long trial resulted in a judge making a statement saying, he did not know who killed the officer, but he still  sentenced them to 30-100 years in prison. 

Growing Up MOVE

Mike Africa Jr. was one of 11 MOVE children  in MOVE's sister chapter called "The Seed of Wisdom", Taken by authorities in Richmond VA in a 1981 home invasion by police. Placed in foster care in an orphanage for 11 days before being liberated from the orphanage and escaping to Philadelphia. 

On May 13th, 1985, Mike saw and watched the smoke in the air as his family's home that was bombed by police and left to burn with his 11 family members inside, including the children from the Virginias' Seed of Wisdom Chapter. 

Taken out of MOVE by relatives at age 5 and suffering from PTSD, Michael struggled to cope with life outside of MOVE. In 1992 Ramona Africa, (the lone adult survivor of the bombing of MOVE) came home from a 7 year prison term, and immediately brought Michael back to MOVE.


In the early 90's, Africa began writing hip-hop lyrics for the "movement" to expose injustices in the system and to get the word out about his family's incarceration. Heavily influenced by the Founder of MOVE, John Africa, one of his more popular songs in the movement was, "just because it's legal, don't make it right". Africa co-created the hip-hop group "Seeds of Wisdom" and continued with the same type of political lyrical content as he did as a solo artist. 

Lawyers and Investigators

After twenty five years of working on his family's unjust incarceration, Michael teamed up with Attorney Brad Thomson out of Chicago and Attorney Brett Grote out of Pittsburgh, Investigator Terrance Jones and Attorney Emeka Igwe in  the Philadelphia area. The team worked on his parents case and was able to successfully secure the release of his parents. His parents served 40 years in prison until Michael walked both his mother Debbie and his father Michael out of the gates of the prisons. Michael is still working on the case of the remaining MOVE 9 members.

The Seed Of Wisdom Foundation

Michal Africa Jr. is the President of The Seed Of Wisdom Foundation which is a youth empowerment not for profit organization. Activities in the group consists of health and fitness programs, study groups to teach young people the truth about the system.

If I Can Do It, You Can Do it


"Progression is made by persistence and consistency. In order to make major changes, one must make major changes." 

If I Can't Do It, It Can't Be Done


As an award-winning speaker and activist, I will bring new life and connection to your next event. Contact me, and we can design a workshop or presentation that fits the needs that you have today.


"Just Because It's Legal, Don't Make It Right!"


Legality is not synonymous with what is right. 

Slavery was legal, the holocaust was legal, the genocidal acts against the Native Americans were legal, war is legal. There are laws passed that gives government the legal authority to pillage and plunder the earth, all legal, but not at all right.

Never Give Up


When your cause is just, it is not you who must give up your cause, but the intruder that created the need for you to have the cause. Life is the ultimate example of perseverance. Life goes on and when you're cause is right, so must you.



The number one rule of life is survive. With  all of your ups and downs, find a way to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and keep on moving. Do whatever it takes to propel yourself out of and away from the things that hinder your progress. Get on the MOVE and stay on the MOVE


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Never Give Up