Relentless Hearts


A Story of Time, Love and Perseverance

Separated from each other by prison for forty years, Mike and Debbie Africa are reunited with their son Mike Africa Jr.

Born in Prison

Mike Africa Jr. was born in prison and have never been with his parents outside of a prison visit until he was forty years old.

Raised from Prison

Raising Children is hard enough when parents are present in their children's lives, Mike and Debbie raised their son from prison

Separation from Family

Life goes on with or without you. Time gets longer at the same time shorter. As people grew older, time grew longer

Love Rules

The Love between two high school sweethearts remained strong and compelled the spirit of resistance to win out in times of sorrow and desperation 


Despite the bleak and grim outlook of his parents impossibility of being released from prison, Mike Africa Jr. work with Supporters of MOVE and lawyers to free his parents from prison.

Fascinating Story


Debbie and Mike Africa Jr. Africa

In a car for the first time in forty years, with her son, on her way home!


Mike Africa Sr. and Mike Africa Jr.

In a car for the first time in forty years, with his son, on his way home!


First Hug

Mike & Debbie Africa embrace for the first time in forty years!

Life Changing Presentation



Debbie, Mike Jr. and Mike Africa Sr gives presentation at Rowan University



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