Knowledge from the "OG's"

Mentoring particularly young people to help steer them away from crime by enlightening them about the horrors of prison life

Organizational Infighting

Many organizations have strong leadership and important missions but are distracted and disbanded by infighting. If you have a group or organization that could benefit from a neutral perspective with decades of experience in this field reach out to us.

Re-entry Into Society

For many people returning home from prison can be a real challenge in the adjusting period. We offer our experience to make the transition a smooth one.

Parental Advice

Raising children can be a tough job. as children grow up and begin to experience the world for themselves, they develop their own minds and ways of coping in a world full of dissatisfactions and uncertainties. Often times there is a disconnect between children and parents. We can help. 


Relationships go through ups and downs. Before your relationship takes a turn for the worst, call on us to help get you back feeling the love that brought you together.

Questions or Comments

You have questions, we have answers. Contact us so that we may be of service 

Never Give Up

There is never a good reason to give up on something that is good

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