Mike Africa, Jr.


Mike Africa, Jr. is member of The MOVE Organization and President of the Seed of Wisdom Foundation. He is a motivational resilience speaker who pushes his “Never Give Up” message with his dynamic stage performances mixing music in his orations. 

Mike is the son of two political prisoners who were each sentenced to 100 years in prison. He was secretly born in a Philadelphia prison following a police raid on his family’s home. As an infant, he was taken from his mother and placed in an orphanage where he was physically and mentally abused for 11 days before getting rescued by his aunt. At age 6, he witnessed the smoke in the air from a police bomb that was dropped on his family’s home killing his uncle, his cousin and nine members of his family, including five of the children he suffered in the orphanage with. 

At age 13, Mike began using his music to raise awareness about his experiences to gain justice for his family.  

On June 16th, 2018, after 40 years in prison, Mike finally got his mother released. Four months later, on October 23rd, he successfully gained his father’s release. 

Mike‘s mission is to support the children of incarcerated parents. He travels the world telling his incredible story while inspiring others with his powerful message, “Never Give Up.”  

Mike has shared the stage with the likes of Marc Lamont Hill, Tarana Burke, Ramona Africa, Dead Prez, Danny Glover, Michael Franti, Public Enemy, Rage Against the Machine and countless others, tackling issues such as mass incarceration, police brutality, climate change and many other profound issues of the day.